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Six days a week, The Big Market Trends team keeps you current with every ebb and flow of the market. With coverage of all markets, both foreign and domestic, we focus on all things trading and how to generate income, including: investment strategies, stocks, economic volatility, risk and more.

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Amazon Stock Is Ready For Its Next Leg Up

Today I want to talk about Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) and what looks to be green lights and blue skies ahead for the company's stock. But before I do, have a listen to my latest podcast. Read More

The Big Secret to Technical Analysis

Every once in awhile I try to take a step back so that I can appreciate what I do. Read More

[Podcast] Master The Markets With This New Tool

I just sat down with Rob Koyfman, one of my favorite data and analytics people in this business, to discuss the markets. And I’m so excited to share the conversation with you. Read More

Why We’re Betting on Higher Interest Rates

I hope you had a great weekend. It’s been gorgeous out here in Northern California. Still, I wasn’t able to tear myself away from the desk completely. Read More

Markets and Investing Around the World

We live in a global market environment. Too often people I talk to around the country think that it's only the U.S. markets that affect other U.S. stocks and markets. Read More

New York Times Can Rally 50%

What if I told you that we can potentially make 50% on a trade with minimal risk? What if I also told you that the stock we’re looking at is showing tremendous relative strength and Read More

Fibonacci and the Dow

I can’t think of a better time to talk about Fibonacci Extensions . Fibonacci Extensions are tools traders can use to establish certain ranges for a price. Read More

Cleaning up at the Technical Analyst Awards

Well, the markets closed early today, at 1 o’clock Eastern. And out in California we’re getting ready for a hot and sunny Fourth of July. Read More

Emotionless Investing Creates Profit

New investors often ask me what they should be expecting when they get into the market and start investing for the first time. Read More

U.S. Bond Market Flirts With Critical Levels

There are a lot of interesting charts out there. The current market environment has provided us with a ton of opportunities in multiple asset classes. Read More