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Six days a week, The Big Market Trends team keeps you current with every ebb and flow of the market. With coverage of all markets, both foreign and domestic, we focus on all things trading and how to generate income, including: investment strategies, stocks, economic volatility, risk and more.

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What’s Driving Healthcare’s Breakout?

As I said earlier this week, I think financials are the next sector to break out to all-time highs. And it’s not just U.S. Read More

Two Important Questions for You…

Thanks to some tariffs threats, the if-it-bleeds-it-leads press once again is telling us the end of the world is coming. Read More

Add This Index to the 52-Week High List

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving and as I said last week, we have plenty to be thankful for. Read More

Was That All Value Could Muster?

I hope all of you have had time to enjoy this Thanksgiving with family, and even better had the good fortune to avoid unwanted political debates. Read More

Are Global Stocks Joining the Party?

Like ‘em or hate ‘em, we can all agree that the Ravens are on fire. Read More

Is Volatility About to Strike?

With the current market environment pricing in very low volatility moving forward, one can argue there is too much “complacency” towards stocks. Historically, corrections are sparked with this sort of setup. Read More

Healthcare Breaks Out and We’re Buyers!

I’m wrapping up what has been another great trip to India where we’ve been talking a lot about our bullish thesis for stocks. Not just in the U.S. Read More

The Wisdom in WisdomTree ETFs

Listen, I know there is a lot of data out there. So much so that there’s bound to be room for reasonable disagreement now and then. Read More

Earth Breaks Out to All-Time Highs

I’m heading off to India in a couple days to speak at the CMT Association’s India Summit, and I can’t wait to hear some international perspectives about what’s happening with markets today. Read More

Better Questions for Better Answers

What analysis is really all about… Read More