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Why Technical Trading Matters

I make a habit of regularly talking to other technical traders like me, and recently I had the chance to catch up with my friend and fellow CMT Kim Sokoloff. I’ve known Kim for years. Read More

The Greatest Truth in Trend Following

I want to take a brief breather from the in-depth chart analysis to step back and look at the big picture. Trends. The word is in the title of this newsletter for crying out loud. Read More

Tech Tells

Like in poker, there’s always a tell. Before the most recent rally we’ve seen in U.S. stocks since August, aerospace & defense stocks were the group breaking out. Read More

The Only Way I Invest

Everyone always wants to talk about how high the stock they just bought is going, or how much money they’re going to make on a new position. “J.C. Read More

The Smell of Money and Red Wine

I started taking wine a little more seriously the past couple of years. How could I not living out in Sonoma Valley, the best county for wine in North America? I’m very serious, though. Read More

Don’t Let a Dollar Collapse Sneak Up On You

We’re always focused on positioning. Stocks don’t go up because of an article written by a 26-year-old journalist who’s never made a trade in their life. Stocks move based on positioning from institutions. Read More

The Money In Bonds Will Need a Home

There are tiny little irrelevant markets everywhere like pot stocks and cryptocurrency. These could disappear tomorrow and it won’t matter in grand scheme of things. Read More

The Golden Indicator Doesn’t Exist (But Here’s Something Close)

Consumer staples, one of the leading indicators I consistently look at to gauge the market, have been going up. Read More

It Looks Like 1953 All Over Again…

It feels good to be back in California. I’ve spent time recently in Texas, and before that I was in Toronto and Philly. Read More

Should You Short U.S. Stocks? (Part II)

We talked yesterday about what the big indexes are telling us. Today I want to dive a little bit deeper into a few important sectors. Read More