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The Power of Getting Away

I know some people who haven’t taken a vacation in years. Their excuses come in all shapes and sizes. For me, I think just doing time like that does much more harm than good. Read More

What’s Happening at These Levels

About five weeks ago, as equity indexes were approaching fresh new highs, we talked about divergences in breadth and momentum. Read More

How to Spot a Tradeable Advantage

The churn beneath overhead supply continues for U.S. stocks. They failed up here in January 2018, again in October, and once more this quarter. Read More

The Best Way to Approach the Market Right Now

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you’ve enjoyed the long weekend so far. Read More

How We Follow Trends

There are trends people tend to pick up on indirectly. Read More

Relative Confusion

We’ve been discussing the lack of trend in the major indexes, highlighting some relative strength in places like software and insurance. But overall signals remain mixed. Today, let’s focus again on areas showing relative strength. Read More

It’s a Happy Monday

It was a special weekend for me: I got to marry the love of my life and my best friend. Read More

Let’s Talk About “Overhead Supply”

I want to talk some more about “overhead supply.” We hear this term a lot, and we need to understand it. I’ll tell you what it means to me. Read More

When There Are More Sellers Than Buyers

People love a good story. It’s part of an evolutionary desire to gossip and to hear tales of others even if we know they’re untrue. As homo sapiens, it’s important we know this about ourselves. Read More

How to Read Beyond the Red

All the major indexes are down more than 2% today. With all that red on our screens, it’s not easy to think in “constructive” terms. But we must do it. Read More