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Oh Canada?!

It’s been a frustrating period for stocks in Canada over the past decade. Up just 7% since their 2008 highs, Canadian equities have been consistently underperforming for almost 10 years. Read More

What’s Wrong With Cash?

If there’s one thing that has worked since October, it’s cash. I feel like people are afraid of that word. Like you’re doing something wrong for raising some (or a lot of) cash. Read More

A Nuclear Disaster

Everybody always likes to talk about their big winner. “I bought Apple at this and held it until so and so.” “I bought Amazon at this price and held it all these years. Read More

27 Indexes. 3 Big Turning Points. What’s It All Mean?

My colleague Tom Bruni’s presentation at Chart Summit 2019focused on market breadth and how we like to keep our process of looking at the subject pretty simple. Read More

Warning: Choppy Market Ahead

The market has been a one-way street since late December, but things are potentially changing. Read More

100 Charts in 45 Minutes

As promised, today I want to take a deeper dive into what I talked about at our recent Chart Summit in Breckenridge. You can watch my entire video presentation here. Read More

Tech’s Big Bullish Tell

One of the most valuable parts of my entire process is going through my workbook of monthly charts at the end of each month. Read More

The Start of a Historic Run for Gold?

If there is any group out there that’s feeling frustration, it’s the gold bugs. Gold is at the same price today that it was a year ago, five years ago, and eight years ago. Read More

Look Past the FAANGs and See Tech Booming

The noisemakers out there love to talk to you about something they like to call FANG, or FAANG or FAAMG. Read More

Mission Accomplished

Chart Summit 2019 is in the books. This is the first time I’ve ever hosted a live financial conference. The last two Summits were 100% virtual. Read More