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It’s a 50 & 57 Market

Some of the most important stocks in the world are at such critical levels that we’d be fools to ignore it. Read More

Investing Is a Privilege, Not a Right

Let’s get something straight: Participating in the market is not a right, it’s a privilege. And you have a responsibility to yourself, or your clients, to manage risk appropriately. Read More

What a Weakening U.S. Dollar Means for Stocks

Let’s talk about the dollar. As we start 2019, I think we’re already seeing the implications of a weaker dollar, and I also think this trend is likely to remain in place. Read More

How Low Can Stocks Go?

Since early October, a big question for us has been, “How low can U.S. stocks go?” No one knew then, and no one knows now. All we knew was that we didn’t want to own stocks. Read More

The Real Truth: This Is Not a Drill

I spent New Year’s in Lake Tahoe, which is one of my favorite and most beautiful places in the world. Read More

It’s a Great Time To Be a Bond Bull

It’s been a great couple of months for bond bulls. Read More

The Market Owes Us Nothing

Somewhere along the way, a large majority of U.S. citizens convinced themselves that the market owes them something. Read More

You’re Not Going to Save Your Annual Returns Now Spend the End of Year Reflecting Instead

There are just a few days left in 2018 and it’s tempting to make some last-minute moves to improve your annual results in the old portfolio. Read More

A Pilot’s Guide to Investing

I was thrilled to recently catch up with David Keller. He’s a former President of the CMT Association and spent a long time at Fidelity, and Bloomberg before that. Read More

The 2 Charts That Say Interest Rates Could Go Lower

Is anything making new highs? Yep, bond funds are breaking out to new three-month highs, flying in the face of consensus as late as September that was for higher U.S. Read More