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Around the World in Five Charts

It’s not only U.S. indexes that are breaking our important levels. Stock market indexes all over the world are reacting to the volatility. Read More

What Does “Bearish J.C.” Look Like?

Some of you guys may have read my work for over a decade. Read More

No, This Is Not the End of the World

Is this 2008 all over again? Or 1987? Or 1929? I doubt it. We’re not seeing any stress in credit, which is where the real problems start. Read More

Act First and Ask Questions Later

“What else can we do with that money?” That’s the question we always want to ask ourselves. I get asked all the time, “Hey J.C. Read More

What Bond and Yen Breakdowns Mean for Stocks

I have to give credit to our “intermarket analysis” work for a lot of our success over the years. Read More

There Are Breakouts in Any Market

There have been a lot of interesting developments working through the markets recently. Read More

Can You Say “Bull Market” in German?

Pundits are making a lot of noise this week about potential divergences in U.S. stock markets. Read More

Why Technical Trading Matters

I make a habit of regularly talking to other technical traders like me, and recently I had the chance to catch up with my friend and fellow CMT Kim Sokoloff. I’ve known Kim for years. Read More

The Greatest Truth in Trend Following

I want to take a brief breather from the in-depth chart analysis to step back and look at the big picture. Trends. The word is in the title of this newsletter for crying out loud. Read More

Tech Tells

Like in poker, there’s always a tell. Before the most recent rally we’ve seen in U.S. stocks since August, aerospace & defense stocks were the group breaking out. Read More