Welcome to Big Market Trends community.

This will be the “idea sandbox,” where famed angel investor and tech visionary, Howard Lindzon and his go-to market technician, J.C. Parets will offer unique market commentary, think out loud, make notes on what they’re reading from other, smarter people, yell “punch a banker,” and (maybe, sometimes) use too much profanity.

As the market continues to go higher – and also when it’s going lower – traditional financial media outlets have to get louder.

They’re trying to please all people all the time. And indexing has become so popular that they have to make a lot of noise to reach people.

That’s not what investors need. There’s very little signal – very little “there” – there.

Investors need curation. They need to hear and listen to good voices. They need consistency. They don’t need one person to be an expert in all things. They need a well-selected group of smart thinkers.

It does take time to develop such a network, but it’s worth the effort.

And Big Market Trends helps you take a very important step in that direction.

Howard has been called many things – some that aren’t fit for a family blog. But, here’s some he’s proud of: “entrepreneur” (he’s the co-founder of StockTwits); “angel investor” (he’s also invested seed money in multiple FinTech, social, and other “Web 3.0” startups and mentored many founders).

And as a “venture capitalist,” he’s the main face (for better or worse; his is definitely made for radio) of VC fund, Social Leverage.

And he’s also an “investor,” with a long track record of successful trades based on both long- and short-term trends.

Most importantly, though, Howard is an “idea” guy. And perhaps his biggest idea – the reason he’s here, now, doing this – is that sharing ideas is the key to success, yours, his, everyone’s.

For Howard, it starts with “curation” – finding, sharing, and following great ideas from smart thinkers.

From there, he’ll help move you to actionable trades… and, at the very least make you laugh.

Howard promises to deliver fresh ideas… one that might even change your life.